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23rd November 2023  Content supplied by: Merck

EN ISO 7704:2023 Compliant Membranes, Culture Media and Accessories

The recently published EN ISO 7704:2023 standard specifies the requirements for performance testing of membrane filters used for the retention and subsequent direct enumeration of microorganisms by culturing methods.

It applies to the analysis of different water samples, including:

  • Drinking water, bottled water and other water samples with expected low numbers of microorganisms
  • Water with expected higher numbers of microorganisms, for example, surface water or process water

Merck has already implemented all the requirements described in the new EN ISO 7704 for the products it offers for testing according to the new standard (visit for further information).

Compliant membranes and funnel/membrane combinations:

  • S-Pak® and Z-Pak® 0.45 µm white and black gridded MCE membranes
  • 100 and 250 mL Microfil® funnels with the above S-Pak® membranes
  • 100 and 2500 mL Microfil® funnels with the above Z-Pak® membranes

Compliant agar plates, culture media and supplements, test strips:

  • ReadyPlate™ 55 KIT CCA Agar ISO 9308
  • ReadyPlate™ 55 KIT Slanetz and Bartley agar ISO 7888
  • ReadyPlate™ 55 KIT CN agar ISO 16266
  • ChromoCult® Coliform agar acc. to ISO 9308-1
  • Bactident® Oxidase test strips
  • GranuCult® SLANETZ and BARTLEY agar incl. TTC acc. ISO 7899
  • GranuCult® TSC (Tryptose Sulfite Cycloserine) agar (base) acc. ISO 7937 and ISO 14189
  • Clostridium perfringens selective supplement
  • GranuCult® Pseudomonas CFC/CN agar (base) acc. ISO 13720 and ISO 16266
  • Pseudomonas CN Selective Supplement

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Date Published: 23rd November 2023

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