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25th April 2016  Content supplied by: iNLABTEC AG

Handle Blender Bags Just Like Bottles with Inlabtec Bagboard

Unlike bottles, homogenizer or stomacher bags lack a rigid side making them unstable and therefore they need to be supported. Taking a homogenized sample out of a wobbly bag is a relatively complex task and can pose a contamination risk for the user and the environment. Furthermore, storage of the samples in a fridge or enrichments in an incubator takes up a lot of space and it can be difficult to keep the bags in a clearly organized order.

The new Inlabtec Bagboard gives an unstable homogenizer bag a defined rigid structure allowing the bags to be handled just like bottles. Working with homogenized samples in bags becomes as easy and convenient as bottles!

The low-priced Bagboard designed for permanent use offers benefits like:

  • Bags can be easily handled, transported and stored, organized into the minimum space possible whilst keeping samples in order, safe and secure
  • An integrated clamp makes sealing of the bags easy and convenient
  • Efficient resuspension of the bag contents can be achieved by just repeatedly squeezing the Bagboard
  • Sampling with standard pipettes is fast and convenient with reduced risk of contaminating user or equipment

The simply clever Inlabtec Bagboard improves the laboratory workflow after sample homogenization and accelerates follow-up processes like serial dilutions or plating. How it works may be viewed in a one minute video at

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For a free sample of a Bagboard contact the Inlabtec distributor in your country or contact Inlabtec AG in Switzerland

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Date Published: 25th April 2016

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