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24th October 2023  Content supplied by: iNLABTEC AG

Automated Serial Dilution: Transforming Microbiology Labs

More than ever, efficiency in test laboratories is a key to success. Conventional methods that rely on manual liquid handling for sample preparations using pre-filled and sterilized test tubes, along with equipment such as vortexers and shakers, often fall short in optimizing productivity. However, with the implementation of personal systems like the Serial Diluter UC, microbiology labs are entering a new era of efficiency and sustainability.

This innovative system automates the measuring and dispensing of diluents, coupled with automatic mixing, eliminating the need for additional manual handling, thus optimizing ergonomics to the fullest extent.. This streamlines the workflow to perform serial dilutions to the point where the sole essential step is pipetting the sample. The result? Attaining unparalleled ergonomics and accelerating the dilution process, all achieved independently of the manual skills of laboratory technicians, and all without the need for the preparation or purchase of pre-filled test tubes.

The key features of the Serial Diluter are as follows:

  • Automatic Mixing and Filling: The system takes care of mixing and filling after sample addition, enhancing convenience and precision.
  • Light-Assisted Pipetting: Light indicators assist in the pipetting process, providing visual cues for user guidance.
  • User-Centric Operation: Minimal user intervention required, ensuring peak operational speed and consistency.
  • High resource efficiency: The Serial Dilution Bags are the sample containers with the lowest material consumption worldwide.
  • Upgrade Option: Serial Diluter UA users can effortlessly upgrade to Serial Diluter UC by connecting the Bagholder UC, unlocking enhanced features and capabilities

Experience the Swiss-engineered ease and efficiency of Inlabtec’s serial dilution solution and discover the benefits of our Serial Diluter UC today!

Watch the demo video to see it in action

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Date Published: 24th October 2023

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