iNLABTEC AG provides research and quality control labs in the food industry with total solutions incorporating innovative consumables. We offer the easiest, most cost effective serial dilution method for viable cell count determination on the market.

St Gallen

We believe that an organization which wants to be successful in the long term, must offer appreciative and attractive workplaces. Thus, the objectives can be achieved and the potentials of employees can fully unfold so that the whole organization successfully develops. For that, repetitive, stressful, time consuming and costly work has to be eliminated where possible and as far as reasonable.

Instead of going through the labour intensive process of preparing serial dilution tubes – users can benefit from the many advantages of sterile, single use Serial Dilution Bags. Together with the easy to use Inlabtec Serial Diluter it is possible to mix and dilute a sample in a single step which integrates dispensing and mixing to achieve perfect serial dilution every time.

The Swiss-made Inlabtec Serial Diluter relieves staff, boosts profitability, preserves the environment and pays for itself within a few months due to cost savings of up to 90 % compared to other methods.

Enjoy food microbiology testing.

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