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10th February 2015  Content supplied by: iNLABTEC AG

Inlabtec Serial Diluter Outperforms Test Tube Protocol

After decades of using the traditional test tube method for serial dilutions, the Centre for Laboratory Medicine in St. Gallen, Switzerland last year changed to the Inlabtec Serial Diluter. In the period since installation, the Inlabtec system has proven to be a good investment through its consistently high accuracy, high level of automation and clear, simple and easy operation.

The Centre for Laboratory Medicine (ZLM) is a recognized competence centre for medical analytics and diagnostics, accredited to ISO / IEC 17025, and ISO 9001 certified. The department of veterinary diagnostics carries out food hygiene studies for various clients. All food samples at ZLM (Inlabtec sample selection) are now automatically diluted and mixed with the Inlabtec Serial Diluter at the push of a button to provide perfect serial dilution every time. In all inter-laboratory tests in which the ZLM participated, and in all internal comparisons carried out with the old test tube method, the high quality and reliability of results from the Inlabtec Serial Diluter were confirmed. Over the last 12 months - microbial count results using the Inlabtec system have been of consistently high accuracy. An additional benefit has been that the Serial Diluter has eliminated the operator dependent scattering of results that was previously experienced with the labour-intensive test tube method.

For the whole ZLM team, the Serial Diluter has proved a major asset by providing the lab with the following benefits:

  • simple and quick setup
  • only empty reservoir bottles need re-filling with dilution medium eliminating labour intensive task of preparing test tubes with diluent
  • operator errors associated with preparing serial dilutions are avoided
  • all laboratory technicians have generated consistently high quality reproducible microbial counts
  • laboratory has achieved significant time and cost savings

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Date Published: 10th February 2015

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