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21st May 2024  Content supplied by: iNLABTEC AG

Automated Serial Dilution: Revolutionizing Microbiology Labs with Unmatched User Satisfaction

Efficiency in test laboratories is more critical than ever for success. Traditional methods relying on manual liquid handling for sample preparations using pre-filled and sterilized test tubes, along with equipment like vortexers and shakers, often fail to optimize productivity. However, introducing the Serial Diluter UC has ushered microbiology labs into a new era of efficiency and sustainability, garnering widespread user satisfaction.

Our users have expressed immense satisfaction with the Serial Diluter UC, highlighting its ability to transform laboratory workflows. This cutting-edge system automates the measuring and dispensing of diluents and incorporates automatic mixing, eliminating the need for additional manual handling. The result is a streamlined workflow where the only necessary step is pipetting the sample. This leads to unparalleled ergonomics and a significantly accelerated dilution process, all independent of the laboratory technicians' manual skills, without needing pre-filled test tubes.

Key Features that Users Love About the Serial Diluter UC:

  • Automatic Mixing and Filling: Users appreciate the convenience and precision of the system’s automatic mixing and filling capabilities after sample addition.
  • Light-Assisted Pipetting: The light indicators that guide the pipetting process have been a hit among users, offering clear visual cues that simplify the workflow.
  • User-Centric Operation: Minimal user intervention is required, which ensures maximum operational speed and consistency, a feature that users find highly beneficial.
  • High Resource Efficiency: The Serial Dilution Bags, noted for being the sample containers with the lowest material consumption worldwide, have been praised for their sustainability.
  • Upgrade Option: Serial Diluter UA users can effortlessly upgrade to Serial Diluter UC by connecting the Bagholder UC, unlocking enhanced features and capabilities that users find valuable.

Join the ranks of highly satisfied users and experience the Swiss-engineered ease and efficiency of Inlabtec’s serial dilution solution. Discover the transformative benefits of our Serial Diluter UC today!

Watch the demo video to see it in action.

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Date Published: 21st May 2024

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