Microbiology News : May 2021

Contact slide for surface monitoring and water testing
With selective media allowing for the isolation and enumeration of several bacteria, yeasts and moulds, contact slides from Liofilchem are ideal for surface monitoring and water testing in food processing facilities. View this short video to learn more. more...
Use of the monocyte activation test for pyrogen detection
Authored by Tim Sandle, BPL, and Laure Robert, Merck, this report considers risk contamination coming from non-endotoxin pyrogens (NEP). Risk assessment of NEP is discussed and advantages of the Monocyte activation test (MAT), as opposed to the Rabbit Pyrogen Test or the BET, are explored. more...
Full microbiology lab automation Beckman Coulter
The DxA 5000 Fit is designed to meet the automation requirement of medium sized labs, with a smaller footprint, the intelligent workflow automation delivers rapid and consistent turnaround times, plus as the system is scalable so it can grow with increased requirements. more...

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