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14th May 2021  Content supplied by: Rhinomed

Rhinomed's New Rhinoswab - Confirms Superior Performance in Capture and Elution

Australian based Rhinomed has released the results of two studies which confirm that its radical new nasal swab captures a higher yield and elutes this better than a standard of care nasal swab.

The novel and patented Rhinoswab's unique design responds to the need for a comfortable, easy to use nasal swab that standardises the collection process, opening up the opportunity for wide-scale, mass self-collection.

The results of the studies now confirm that the Rhinoswab captures a significantly larger sample size - up to 1.8 times more than a standard flocked nasal swab - and elutes this more efficiently, delivering better RT-PCR results at both low and high viral burden. 

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Date Published: 14th May 2021

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