Upcoming Microbiology Events : 2021-10

Optimizing MALDI-TOF for Filamentous Fungi Identification

Optimizing MALDI TOF for Filamentous Fungi Identification Webinar

: 13 Oct 2021 - 31 Dec 2021

: Webinar

Sector: Pharmaceutical Type: Training

Summary : This webinar will explain the challenges and solutions to adopting MALDI technology for identification of filamentous fungi with an emphasis on sample preparation and database development. more...

Probiotics and Prebiotics Congress: Europe

Global Engage 6th Probiotics and Prebiotics Congress Europe

: 26 Oct 2021 - 27 Oct 2021

: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sector: Microbiome Type: Conference - In person

Summary : Delegates attending the 6th Probiotic and Prebiotic Congress will enjoy the opportunity to collaborate on the latest microbiome and probiotics research. more...

LGC AXIO Proficiency Testing Masterclass 2021

: 26 Oct 2021 - 27 Oct 2021

: Webinar

Sector: Clinical, Food & Beverage Type: Webinar

Summary : Starting with the basics and best practices, before moving into the expertise that will make your PT participation work hardest for you and your laboratory, this is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about proficiency testing at speed. more...

RSSL Sterility Webinar Series: Water Systems

: 27 Oct 2021

: Webinar

Sector: Pharmaceutical Type: Webinar

Summary : This webinar looks at best control and monitoring practises for pharmacetical water systems. more...

China International Food Safety, and Quality, Conference and Exhibition

: 27 Oct 2021 - 28 Oct 2021

: Beijing, China

Sector: Food & Beverage Type: Conference - In person

Summary : With a focus on professional education and networking, the CIFSQ Conference brings together global experts to address critical issues and identify recent advances in science, smart tech, best practices, risk based strategies, communications, and legislation enhancing food safety. more...

Drinking Water - What Microbiological Analysis Should I Carry Out?

: 27 Oct 2021

: Webinar

Sector: Water Type: Webinar

Summary : Do you know how safe the water you drink on a daily basis is? Don’t miss this CondalabTalk to find out all about the analysis of drinking water microbiology. Join us! more...