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22nd April 2024  Content supplied by: Thermo Fisher Scientific (Industrial Applications)

Enhance the Efficiency and Productivity of Your PCR Food Safety Testing

With increasing shortages of skilled lab technicians and the ever-growing demands of high-throughput testing, you need a robust, consistent PCR workflow with minimal hands-on time.

With the new Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Automation Workflow, you can take your food safety and quality testing to the next level with automated lysis and PCR setup.

Utilising the CyBio™ FeliX Instrument, validated for use with all SureTect Assays by AFNOR and AOAC, the workflow reduces hands-on time whilst increasing the efficiency and reproducibility of your testing, enabling your technicians to focus on other tasks whilst minimising human error rate.

Benefit from:

  • Automation of lysis, PCR setup or the complete preparatory workflow
  • Rapid 5-minute set-up with pre-programmed runs
  • Enhanced pipetting accuracy
  • Flexible partial or full plate processing with up to 6 assays per run
  • Innovative Instrument design: integrated heating and cooling block, unique 2 level deck and compact footprint
To learn more visit thermofisher.com/suretect

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Date Published: 22nd April 2024

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