Upcoming Microbiology Events : 2019-04

Food Allergy Forum 2nd International Conference

: 1 Apr 2019 - 3 Apr 2019

: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sector: Food & Beverage Type: Conference

Summary : This important conference provides a unique platform to exchange information and experiences on the various aspects of food allergy, reviewing current knowledge and discussing strategies for prevention and control of food allergy to ensure food safety and to protect human health. more...

FDA New Endotoxin Test Guidance for Human Parenteral Drugs, Biological Products and Medical Devices

: 3 Apr 2019

: Webinar

Sector: Pharmaceutical, Water Type: Training

Summary : The objective of this live training webinar is to explore the NEW/REVISED guidances for Industry on pyrogen and endotoxin testing addressing those issues that may be subject to misinterpretation. more...

Microbiology Society Annual Conference

: 8 Apr 2019 - 10 Apr 2019

: Belfast, United Kingdom

Sector: Pharmaceutical Type: Conference

Summary :  Attracting over 1,400 attendees for the UK’s largest annual gathering of Microbiologists the Microbiology Society Annual Conference has a varied and interesting programme more...

12th International Fresenius Conference "Contaminants and Residues in Food"

: 9 Apr 2019 - 10 Apr 2019

: Cologne, Germany

Sector: Food & Beverage Type: Conference

Summary : This 2 day conference will explore contaminants and residues in foods. more...

Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

: 10 Apr 2019 - 11 Apr 2019

: Boston, United States

Sector: Pharmaceutical Type: Conference

Summary : The theme of this years Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast is best practices and techniques to tackle microbial control challenges. more...

2019 Integrative SIBO Conference: The Microbiome

: 13 Apr 2019 - 14 Apr 2019

: Seattle, United States

Sector: Clinical Type: Conference

Summary : This brand-new program will showcase a variety of advanced topics as they relate to Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and the master MICROBIOME. more...

IAFPs European Symposium on Food Safety

: 24 Apr 2019 - 26 Apr 2019

: Nantes, France

Sector: Food & Beverage Type: Conference

Summary : This symposium is an excellent forum to gain knowledge about the latest developments and techniques in food science and safety. There is an exhibition associated with this meeting. www.foodprotection.org/europeansymposium/ more...