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Clever Culture Systems

Clever Culture Systems is a leader in microbiology technology driven by artificial intelligence, delivering workflow automation solutions that maximise laboratory efficiency. Our technologies are designed by microbiologists for microbiologists to ensure our products not only meet the needs of the laboratory but also seamlessly integrate within our customer’s processes.


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Artificial intelligence by microbiologists for microbiologists

The APAS® Independence is an automated culture plate reader providing imaging, analysis and interpretation of microbiology culture plates. The APAS Independence saves laboratories time by automatically reporting plates showing no significant growth, thereby removing them out of the workflow and freeing up resources to focus on other tasks.

Cutting edge A.I. technology

The APAS Independence utilises sophisticated machine learning algorithms to automatically read and interpret microbiology culture plates. The algorithms work in real time to detect the presence of bacterial growth on an agar plate, determine how much growth is present on the agar plate, differentiate between common colony morphologies and use this information to generate meaningful test reports for the laboratory.

Our Solutions

The APAS Independence has been developed to support numerous plate and specimen types, enabling laboratories to build a tailored solution for their workflow. Solutions have been developed covering the most common applications in pharmaceutical and clinical microbiology.

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