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12th October 2021  Content supplied by: Clever Culture Systems

APAS Independence Delivers Automated Culture Plate Reading for Your Lab

The first and only culture plate reader, the APAS Independence utilises artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically read, interpret and sort microbiology culture plates, successfully identifying plates with no significant growth, significant growth and those needing further review by a microbiologist.

APAS Independence generates actionable results, freeing up time for microbiologists. Simply load the instrument with plates following incubation, start a session, and walk away. APAS Independence identifies and reports plates with no significant growth, removing them from the workflow. The APAS Independence will process 200 plates per hour and interface to any Laboratory Information System.

The APAS Independence provides a unique solution for culture plate reading that can be easily integrated alongside the laboratories existing technology. It has a small footprint, is affordable, and addresses the highest value bottleneck in the culture plate workflow which is the reading and interpretation of culture plates. Efficiencies are gained throughout the laboratory as skilled staff are freed up to focus on more complex tasks requiring their expertise and focusing on emerging critical testing needs such as COVID-19.

The APAS Independence with the Urine Analysis Module (FDA cleared as a class II medical device in 2019) automatically screens urine cultures to:

  • Automatically send out negative results with confidence for immediate clinical action
  • Triage positive results for earlier assessment by a microbiologist enabling faster antibiotic treatment optimization
  • Create time for staff to focus on other value-adding activities in the laboratory

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Date Published: 12th October 2021

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