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19th January 2021  Content supplied by: Clever Culture Systems

Use Artificial Intelligence to Streamline Your Culture Plate Workflow With APAS Independence

APAS Independence - free up time in your lab with the first automated microbiology culture plate reader.

The APAS Independence uses artificial intelligence to streamline your culture plate workflow by sorting plates into three categories: positive, negative or no significant growth, and those requiring further review.

Using innovative AI technology, the APAS Independence is a stand-alone automated culture plate reading instrument that not only screens plates, but also sorts them into significant and non-significant growth at a rate of 200 plates per hour. The APAS Independence saves you time by automatically reporting plates showing no growth and/or no significant growth, thereby removing them out of the workflow, freeing up resources to focus on other tasks.

Utilising the instrument’s speed, accuracy and reproducibility the APAS Independence achieves significant time savings for busy labs and facilitating faster time to result. By removing the negatives, the APAS Independence enables microbiologists to focus their attention and expertise on the significant growth plates.

With a variety of Analysis Modules supporting numerous plate media and specimen types, laboratories can build a tailored solution suitable for their workflow.

Is APAS Independence right for your laboratory? Find out using this Automation Justification Tool

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Date Published: 19th January 2021

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