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30th April 2020  Content supplied by: SciLabware Ltd.

New Pyrex® Dual Position GL56 Media Bottle - A New Angle on Media Storage

The new Pyrex® Dual Position GL56 Media Bottle is packed with a host of features that make it the obvious choice for your cell culture media storage requirements. The innovative design allows the bottle to be placed in either an upright vertical position or set at a 45º angle for ease of use.

The bottle is graduated to 500ml in the vertical position and 400ml in the 45º angle position in easy to read white enamel graduations. The graduations are printed on both sides of the bottle for the convenience of both left and right-handed users. Each bottle is also printed with a Trace Code and a batch certificate can be downloaded from the Certificates area of the website for complete product traceability.

Manufactured from borosilicate glass, these media bottles can be chemically or dry heat sterilised to ensure that your media is stored under sterile conditions.

The low squat design, wide mouth and 45º angled base of the bottle allows for much easier pipetting in the confined space of a biosafety cabinet or clean hood and minimises the risk of contamination. The space-saving bottle shape is also perfect for storage in a fridge or warming media in a water bath.

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Date Published: 30th April 2020

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