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Test type: Microbial Air Sampler

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MAS-100 CG Ex

The MAS-100 CG Ex air sampler is used to determine the microbiological contamination of compressed air and gases. The impaction takes place under pressure on the culture medium plate. The sampling, therefore, corresponds exactly to the conditions to which microorganisms in compressed gas systems are exposed. This minimizes possible growth

MAS-100 Eco

The MAS-100 Eco is the basic version of the portable MAS-100 air sampler. It is used for the microbiological monitoring of air in the hygienic production of food and cosmetics, as well as in the maintenance of air conditioning systems. The MAS-100 Eco is the lightest model of MAS-100 monitoring

SAS Hand Held Air Samplers

The SAS range of hand held air samplers are for the microbiological monitoring of air as part of an environmental monitoring program.

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