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MAS-100 Eco

MBV MAS-100 Eco viable air sampler

Principle: Viable air sampler based on volume flow measurement

Automation: Yes

Approvals: Meets ISO 14698-1 and EN 17141

Suitability: Microbial air monitoring

Capital equipment required: Nutrient Plate


The MAS-100 Eco is the basic version of the portable MAS-100 air sampler. It is used for the microbiological monitoring of air in the hygienic production of food and cosmetics, as well as in the maintenance of air conditioning systems. The MAS-100 Eco is the lightest model of MAS-100 monitoring instruments and impresses with its handiness and ease of use.

Key Points:
  • Easy cleaning with industry-standard disinfectants
  • Compatible with different nutrient plates, e.g. ready-to-use 90mm standard, 55mm imprint, or Growth Direct™ plates
  • Active volume flow control
  • Physical separation diameter D50 = 1.6 um


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