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MD8 Airscan® with Gelatine Filters

Sartorius MD8 Airscan with Sampling Head

Principle: Agar Free continuous air monitoring

Suitability: Microbial Monitoring of Production areas, Isolators and RABS

Capital equipment required: No


With the MD8 Airscan®, you can continuously monitor the air in grade A environments in an intervention-free manner as required by the EU-GMP Annex 1 for at least 8 hours, using just one gelatin membrane filter. Gelatin filters have the retentive capacity of a depth filter (e.g., HEPA H14 filter) and facilitate near-complete retention of microbes and viruses due to the sieving and diffusion effect, with no recovery loss.

Key Points:
  • Being hygroscopic in nature, water loss from gelatine filters is negligible, unlike agar-based impaction plates. Microbes are therefore not subjected to desiccation/dehydration stress and there is no impact on microbial retention or recovery.
  • Adaptable sampling head based on your requirements: installation in your production lines and in lab isolators or stand-alone benchtop unit. The entire flow path being compatible with vaporized hydrogen peroxide.
  • Optional aseptic transfer of gelatin membrane filters in isolators or RABS with single-use Biosafe® Bags


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