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SAS Hand Held Air Samplers

Environmental Monitoring

Manufacturer: Cherwell Laboratories Ltd

Principle: Air impaction onto agar plate followed by incubation

Automation: No

Suitability: Microbiological monitoring of cleanrooms and production areas

Capital equipment required: Yes


The SAS range of hand held air samplers are for the microbiological monitoring of air as part of an environmental monitoring program.

Key Points:
  • uses readily available Contact (RODAC) or Petri dish plates avoiding costly, specialist consumables.
  • SAS Super 100 / Super 180 for indoor air monitoring, food premises and lower grade cleanrooms.
  • SAS Super 180 is suitable for use in higher grade cleanrooms, isolators, laminar air flow cabinets and operating theatres
  • SAS Super Duo has two sampling heads so two different media can be run at the same time allowing TVC and Yeast and Mould testing to be simultaneous.



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