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16th February 2021  Content supplied by: Redberry

Red One™: Instantaneous Automated Total Viable Count in Waters

Total Viable Count (TVC) in waters traditionally relies on culture methods that provide results after a few days of incubation. Rapid alternative methods such as ATP monitoring or flow cytometry may provide results in a few tens of minutes. But they often correlate poorly with culture-based methods and their limit of detection (typically 1000 CFU/mL) is not sensitive enough to accurately assess the level of bioburden (<100 CFU/mL) that can be required for potable or purified waters for instance.

Based on numerous benchmarks from customers, Red One™ showed unprecedented results in terms of sensitivity and repeatability.

Fully automated, Red One™ is an innovative, rapid, and very easy-to-use solution to count viable micro-organisms. Red One™ performs analysis in a single-step workflow. No calibration is required: the sample is placed onto a proprietary single-use capsule and automatically filtered then analysed using the unique Red One™ detection platform.

Red One™ detects single viable cells by using advanced image processing techniques. The patented system tracks and analyzes the assimilation of staining agents by the targeted cells (“staining kinetics”). The analysis is performed in real-time and enables the differentiation of targeted viable cells from background debris (typically inert particles) with a very high level of reliability.

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Date Published: 16th February 2021

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