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2nd November 2023  Content supplied by: Redberry

Red One™: Rapid Water Quality Indicators for Waters
(Drinking, Pharma, Swimming)

Several applications are available on Red One™, the automated platform for rapid and quantitative microbiology detection:

1. Direct Viable Count (DVC): Real-time water quality indicator for microbial load

  • Counting total flora (viable cells) from 1mL to 100mL in just 10 minutes
  • Unprecedented level of sensitivity (as few as 10 cells per sample) which surpasses the capabilities of flow cytometry and ATPmetry (limit of detection 1,000 cells per ml)
  • Proven to be consistent with traditional 5-day counts on R2A plates
  • Already adopted by water industry leaders like Eau de Paris (see here) , Suez and Veolia

Applications: Water loops (restart), Water production trains, Distributed drinking water

2. Bioburden Bacteria (BB): For pharmaceutical process waters

  • Counting total bacterial flora (incl. spores) from 1mL to 250mL after 3 hours of incubation
  • Limit of detection - down to 5 cells per sample
  • Proven to be consistent with traditional 5-day counts on R2A plates
  • Already used by pharmaceutical industry leaders  

Applications: WFI, Purified Water, Steam systems

3. ColiRed: Specifically designed for same-day results (less than 6-hours incubation)

  • Quantitative E. coli detection (1 CFU) with proven equivalency to ISO 9308 methods, such as Colilert‐18/Quanti‐Tray and TTC plate on 100 mL
  • See ColiRed here

Applications: Drinking water, Bottled waters and Swimming waters

How Does It Work:
Red One™ system uses an automated solid phase cytometry technology for handling large sample volumes. It detects viable cells through advanced image processing, tracking the assimilation of staining agents by the target cells. This real-time fluorescence analysis ensures reliable differentiation of viable cells from inert particles. All the steps:  Filtration, staining, and interpretation are fully automated.

  • Easy: No calibration required. Simply drop the sample on the cap and close the drawer.
  • Precise: Direct cell counting for volumes ranging from 1mL to 100mL.
  • Rapid: Get results in just 10 minutes for total flora and on the same day for E. coli quantification.

To discover our Direct Viable Count (DVC), watch the video below

If you're seeking a microbiology solution that is more reliable than ATP measurement and more sensitive than flow cytometry while still delivering quick results even on 100mL samples, contact us.
Stay tuned, Redberry will soon introduce field testing kits to streamline your water quality inspections further.

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Date Published: 2nd November 2023

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