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11th February 2019  Content supplied by: Mobidiag Oy (HQ)

CE Marked Novodiag® CarbaR+ Detects CPE and Colistin Resistance Markers in One Single Test

Mobidiag Ltd. has received CE-IVD marking of Novodiag® CarbaR+. Novodiag®CarbaR+ is a single molecular test allowing fully automated detection of Carbapenemase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE), and associated resistance markers. CPE are bacteria that are resistant to carbapenem class of antibiotics. In addition, Novodiag® CarbaR+ identifies a plasmid-mediated resistance to colistin. Colistin is considered the drug of last resort for many infections.

Novodiag® CarbaR+ combines multiplex qPCR and microarray testing in a single product allowing cost-effective and fast analysis of the most common CPE and colistin resistance markers. The complete panel includes the detection of the following genes: KPC, NDM, VIM, IMP, OXA-23, OXA-24, OXA-48/181, OXA-51, OXA-58 and MCR-1. The test is designed to run on-demand using the automated Novodiag® system, producing results in 80 minutes directly from pure culture and rectal swabs, with less than five minutes hands-on time by an operator.

With two multiplex tests already available for screening antibiotic resistance (Amplidiag® CarbaR+VRE and Amplidiag®CarbaR+MCR), the new on demand Novodiag® CarbaR+ test will enable rapid patient screening for multidrug resistant organisms, helping to prevent their spread in a hospital environment, and enabling physicians to guide patient treatment accordingly.

The Novodiag® CarbaR+ test is now available directly through Mobidiag and local distributors.

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Date Published: 11th February 2019

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