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25th February 2019  Content supplied by: NG Biotech

NG-Test® CARBA 5: Detect and Characterise OXA-48-like, KPC, NDM, VIM & IMP in 15 minutes

NG-Test® CARBA 5 has been evaluated and validated worldwide on more than 2000 clinical samples. Numerous publications in prestigious peer-reviewed journals have already highlighted the excellent performance and the relevance of this assay.

In partnership with the CEA (French atomic energy commission) and the AP-HP (Paris Public Hospitals), NG Biotech (France) designs and manufactures innovative analysis solutions meeting the needs of rapidity, simplicity, performance, and simultaneous detection of various biomarkers to better tackle antimicrobial resistance which is a global public health threat.

NG Biotech's star product, NG-Test® CARBA 5, is used to detect and characterise the five main carbapenemases (OXA-48-like, KPC, NDM, VIM and IMP), which are the molecules secreted by the bacteria inhibiting the action of the carbapenem class of antibiotics, considered as last resort drugs.

"This assay is already fighting against antimicrobial resistance in over 50 countries."

NG-Test® CARBA 5 is a unique multiplex test which provides results in 5 to 15 minutes from bacteria culture or directly from positive blood culture using the NG-Test® Blood Culture Prep kit.

For more information about NG Biotech's antimicrobial resistance rapid tests range

Product highlights:


  • Results in 5 to 15 minutes
  • From bacterial culture or positive blood culture
  • Minimal hands on time


  • Excellent correlation with PCR
  • Numerous published studies available

User friendly & multiplex:

  • Single test to detect the 5 main carbapenemases
  • No equipment needed
  • Minimal training needs


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Date Published: 25th February 2019

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