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28th March 2019  Content supplied by: NG Biotech

NG-Test® CARBA 5: Detect and Characterise OXA-48-like, KPC, NDM, VIM & IMP in 15 minutes

NG Biotech's star product, NG-Test® CARBA 5, is a rapid test used to detect and characterise the five main carbapenemases (OXA-48-like, KPC, NDM, VIM and IMP) in 5 to 15 minutes, which are the molecules secreted by the bacteria inhibiting the action of the carbapenem class of antibiotics, considered as last resort drugs.

NG-Test® CARBA 5 is a unique multiplex and qualitative test which provides results in 5 to 15 minutes from bacteria culture or directly from positive blood culture using the NG-Test® Blood Culture Prep kit.

Product highlights:


  • Results in 5 to 15 minutes
  • From bacterial culture or positive blood culture
  • Minimal hands on time


  • Excellent correlation with PCR
  • Numerous published studies available

User friendly & multiplex:

  • Single test to detect the 5 main carbapenemases
  • No equipment needed

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Date Published: 28th March 2019

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