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13th May 2019  Content supplied by: rapidmicrobiology.com

Special Focus - Automating the Microbiology Lab

Browse through our rapidmicrobiology special focus to learn about the latest advances in automation for the microbiology lab.


Why Routine Industrial Microbiology Labs Should Be Embracing Automation

Automation from sample prep to plate reading can provide more reliable, traceable and accurate test results with a faster turnaround from sample to result. more...



Is Your QC Lab Keeping up with Both Manufacturing and Microbiology?

Don’t let increasing volumes make microbial testing a bottleneck.  Increase your operational efficiencies using rapid methods and automation with the Growth Direct™ from Rapid Micro Biosystems. more...



How to Automate the Preparation of Selective Agar Plates

In this exclusive interview with rapidmicrobiology, Dr Ursula Leuthold, global product manager, media preparation devices at INTEGRA Biosciences, explains how their MEDIACLAVE media sterilizer, MEDIAJET Petri dish filler and DOSE IT peri­staltic pump, help prepare high quality, selective agar. more...



WASP®DT: Walk-Away Specimen Processor Automates Microbiology Specimen Setup.

WASP®DT is an open platform, modular instrument, and the only one in its field that addresses all aspects of automated Microbiology specimen processing: planting and streaking, Gram slide preparation and enrichment broth inoculation, to name a few. more...



Real-time Bacterial Monitoring with ScanStation

The ScanStation detects and counts colonies as soon as they appear at the beginning of the incubation. The anticipated results save time and allow earlier release of production batches in the pharmaceutical, agro-food, research and cosmetic industries. more...



Automated Endotoxin Testing with PyroTec™ PRO and WinKQCL™ Software

Increase efficiency with PyroTec PRO for automated endotoxin testing. Together with analysis from WinkKQCL software, this robotic solution will streamline your QC lab and improve productivity for accurate, dependable endotoxin testing results. more...


Clever Culture

Automatically Remove Non-Significant Culture Plates from the Workflow.

APAS Independence is the first automated culture plate reader. A breakthrough in AI technology, able to not just image, but interpret 200 plates per hour, provide accurate reproducible results and fast track your workflow. more...



Microbiology Lab Automation for Petri Plates and 3M Petrifilm™

Automate monotonous and human critical tasks in your Microbiology laboratory and maintain a sustainable high-quality level of your processes. Reduce human errors with modular robotic solutions. more...


Tecta PDS

Rapid, Automated Detection of E.coli, Coliforms & Enterococci Bacteria

Tecta offers the only US-EPA approved automated detection system for E.coli & coliforms bacteria in drinking water globally. Automate your micro lab with Tecta solutions to improve efficiency & productivity, reduce human error, and make lab life easier! more...



Actero™ EZ-Media Bag Improves Lab Safety and Testing Throughput

The Actero™ EZ-Media Bag contains high quality, pre-measured and sterilized enrichment media powder that greatly reduces the typical steps and glassware required in traditional media preparation. Just add deionized water. "Always Easy. Always Right." more...



Rheonix NGS OnePrep™ Solution Automates NGS Library Prep Workflow.

The Rheonix NGS OnePrep™ solution is capable of producing NGS-ready libraries from raw samples in less than 5 hours using the automated Encompass Optimum™ workstation. more...



AMP-6000® Automated Microbiological Platform

The Miniaturised and microtiter-based MPN system enables testing of to 96 replicates per sample generating precise and reliable MPN results.  An innovative detection technology for any chromogenic or fluorogenic substrate in combination with turbidity, detection is performed by a new scanner device. more...




Date Published: 13th May 2019

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