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14th May 2019  Content supplied by: Lonza Pharma&Biotech - Bioscience Solutions

Automated Endotoxin Testing with PyroTec™ PRO and WinKQCL™ Software

The PyroTec™ PRO Automated Robotic Solution for endotoxin testing integrated with WinKQCL™ Software provides you:

  • Elevated patient safety through better control of QC processes and quicker results
  • Improved reproducibility, through elimination of several manual steps
  • Reduction of repeat samples or entire assays
  • Complete reduction of existing manual workflow without the need to fully revalidate
  • Positive impact to operations, quality, and time to result
  • Cost reduction
  • Ability to improve data integrity organically with the capture of new metadata into the growing analytical capabilities of our WinKQCL™ Endotoxin Detection and Analysis Software

Streamline your QC testing lab and meet increased testing demands with the PyroTec™ PRO Robotic Solution. By automating the routine, manual tasks associated with traditional endotoxin testing methods you can reduce error and improve productivity. The PyroTec™ PRO Solution includes a robotic liquid handling system, readers and reagents. When integrated with WinKQCL™ Software, it provides the complete data integrity necessary for full validation for full confidence in your endotoxin testing results.

Our PyroTec™ PRO Solution can improve efficiencies in your QC Testing lab.

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Date Published: 14th May 2019

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