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3rd September 2021  Content supplied by: Lonza Pharma&Biotech - Bioscience Solutions

How to Use the Data From Your Environmental Monitoring Program to Make Better Decisions

Environmental monitoring (EM) programs ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines, demonstrate control over manufacturing spaces, and protect the safety of both products and patients.

They also generate vast amounts of valuable data, including supporting data, media and equipment used, and expiry and calibration dates. However, capturing all of this data on paper makes trending, reporting and accessing it very time consuming and challenging, especially when needed for time sensitive investigations.

Used by many organizations to manage their EM programs, the MODA® Solution provides real time access to all of your data to provide visibility of your facility.  It has over 40 pre-validated, out-of-box reports that come standard, which provide QC Micro data and trending.  The software also provides comprehensive filtering and sorting capabilities to view the data you need for investigations as well as dashboards and visualization tools.

By implementing the MODA® software you can:

  • Gain improved insight into your manufacturing operation and testing data
  • Quickly access reports and trends on your quality data
  • Complete ad hoc analyses of any Micro data in the system on demand
  • Easily view your data on facility maps

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Date Published: 3rd September 2021

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