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13th May 2019  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

Real-time Bacterial Monitoring with ScanStation

ScanStation are real-time incubators and colony counting stations centralizing incubation, detection and counting of 100, 200 or 300 Petri dishes simultaneously. 

Colonies are detected & counted as soon as they appear, from the beginning of the incubation. Get anticipated results, in 1/3 of the time of a traditional analysis, allowing earlier relase of production batches, full traceability and real-time control of bacterial growth in the pharmaceutical, agro-food, research and cosmetic industries.

Ground-breaking benefits of real-time bacterial monitoring with ScanStation


Colonies are detected as the incubation starts, at an early stage of their development. Results are accurately estimated 3 times earlier than a traditional process and then validated at the end of the process.  The full process is video-recorded. This allows anticipated results and a faster production workflow.


ScanStation is the first equipment that centralizes incubation and real time colony counting. Automation of the routine steps of the analyses, with automatic colony counting, allows reproducible and reliable results. Data, including film and results, are archived and available anytime.


Providing images of the colonies at an early stage makes the process much more accurate than the traditional method. Colonies are video recorded and counted before being covered or clustered, and debris, writing are ignored. You can check, zoom, control and see the development of a colony anytime.

Non-proprietary consumables: keep your agar

ScanStation is compatible with your analysis methods and agar. It integrates perfectly in a classic analysis workflow. It's more efficient, without changing your habits!

The ScanStation is a revolution for microbiological analyses : it detects and counts colonies as soon as they appear at the beginning of the incubation. The anticipated results save time and allow earlier release of production batches in the pharmaceutical, agro-food, research and cosmetic industries.


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Date Published: 13th May 2019

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