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11th September 2023  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

INTERSCIENCE Invests €10 Million in Green R&D Center and Factory

INTERSCIENCE is a family business founded by François Jalenques in 1979. The company's mission is to offer innovative products that make microbiological analyses more reliable.

"We are delighted to invest and expand our R&D center and factory in Puycapel. We will be able to double the surface area of our R&D offices, our production volumes and our storage and logistics areas. We are also delighted to construct buildings that will be 100% energy self-sufficient and entirely carbon-free," said Emmanuel Jalenques, CEO with his brother Jules Jalenques of INTERSCIENCE.

This project will also create around a hundred additional jobs in the Cantal region and its subsidiaries in the United States, China, Singapore, Japan and Germany. This new investment is estimated to total around €10 million. It will expand the plant and the R&D center: construction of several buildings with a total additional surface area of 3,000 m2.


  • 3000 m2 additional surface
  • Production volumes x 2
  • Storage capacity x 2
  • Surface area of R&D offices x 2
  • 100% energy autonomy
  • 100% carbon-free energy
  • 1600 m2 of solar panels
  • 100% wooden structure
  • 100% local wood heating
  • 100% sorted waste

"We designed the buildings in collaboration with the employees. This will enable us to offer a high quality of work, particularly in production, where the workspaces will be soundproofed and air-conditioned. All our profits are reinvested 100% in improving our working tools," explains Jules Jalenques, "Particular attention has been paid to the ecological footprint of the project, which was designed by Atelier Camino of Montsalvy, and to its integration into the local environment: 1600 m2 of solar panels, 100% timber-framed buildings made of local Douglas fir, and 100% sourced-local wood heating. A Canadian well will provide natural cooling for the production buildings, and the 11-metre ceilings will provide convection and pleasant natural light. 100% of the waste is sorted."

About the company:
INTERSCIENCE is a French family business. The company's mission is to offer innovative products that make microbiological analyses more reliable for the agri-food, pharmaceutical, medical and fundamental research sectors.

Founded in 1979 in a renovated 18th-century barn in the hamlet of Jalenques, the company now employs 180 people. 70% of the company's managers are women, across all sites. 80% of production is exported to more than 130 countries. The company has filed more than 70 patents since it was founded and recently launched ScanStation®, an automated system for real-time bacterial analysis, taking the company to a new stage in its development.

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Date Published: 11th September 2023

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