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6th November 2023  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

Revolutionize Colony Counting

Revolutionize Colony Counting with Interscience: Data Integrity, Traceability and Efficiency

  • Manual counting with Scan 50 - Provides ideal lighting
  • Automatic end-point counting with Scan 4000 - Top-of-the-line technology with HD camera and unique lighting features
  • Real-time counting with ScanStation - Real-time bacterial growth. Colonies are detected and counted as soon as they appear. Discover their bacterial growth hour by hour and get anticipated results.

Why Use A Colony Counter?
- If you count at least 50 Petri dishes per day, with the Scan, you can reduce the reading time by up to 80% as it counts up to 1000 colonies per 1 second.

Accuracy and repeatability - The manual counting of colonies on Petri dishes is a long and painstaking process. Results may vary at the beginning and the end of a single day, depending on the operator. The Scan counts with up to 98% accuracy in a constant and repeatable way.

No settings needed - Choose your pre-set parameters for Petri dishes on PCA/TSA, Baird Parker, MRS, VRBL/VRBG, TBX TSC, MC-Media Pads, Petrifilm, Compact Dry, Easy Plate

Real-time bacterial growth with ScanStation - Colonies are detected and counted as soon as they appear. Discover their bacterial growth hour by hour and get predicted results.

Choose your colony counter at or click on the Request Information button below to contact the supplier directly.

INTERSCIENCE is a French family business founded in 1979. The company aims to offer innovative products that make microbiological analyses more reliable for the agri-food, pharmaceutical, medical, and fundamental research sectors. The company has had a leading role in automatic colony counting and has today a large range of products, with Scan colony counters, to cover all the needs in the labs.

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Date Published: 6th November 2023

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