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31st January 2024  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

All Your Data on the Edge of the Petri Dish

dataLink and dataLink Pro are designed to make the identification of Petri dishes during microbiological analysis more automated and error-free. The dataLink software controls and prints data onto a label, which can be placed on the edge of the dish using a semi-automated system,  this is an ideal solution for labs with high throughput analyses.

Semi-automated labelling of Petri dishes
The dataLink Pro pack, equipped with a semi-automated labelling system, saves considerable time and is ideal for large production runs. With a wave of the hand, the label is applied to the edge of the Petri dish.  

Traceability of analysis data
With easySpiral, you can use the all-automatic DataLink Pro solution without the need to set any parameters. Integrating with Interscience products, all information relating to the analysis is fully traceable. Incubation and counting settings are completely automated.

Your data on the edge of the Petri dish
Controlled via the dataLink software, all information relating to the analysis data is traced and sent to the printer. There are three label formats: alphanumeric, barcode and datamatrix.

Security of analyses
User account management, included in the software, manages permissions according to specified roles. The dataLink interface gives access only to functions authorised by the role of the logged-in user. In this way, each user operates within the field of action assigned to them, without altering the data processed by other users. Password management makes user accounts secure.

The dataLink software complies with the directives of 21 CFR Part 11, including the implementation of an audit trail.

Automatic colony counting made easy
When used with an easySpiral, all plating data is sent to the Scan counter or ScanStation. Incubation and counting parameters are set automatically. The label is on the edge of the dish, making it easy to read the plates. Results are saved and exported automatically.

Petri dish labelling optimises tracking of the sample through to the result. This stage is the beginning of traceability.

dataLink Pro enables a label containing all the sample information to be applied to the edge of the dish. This makes it easier to track the sample from the moment it arrives at the laboratory until the result is delivered. Labelling the dish on the edge of the dish optimises colony counting.

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Date Published: 31st January 2024

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