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13th May 2019  Content supplied by: Tecta-PDS

Rapid, Automated Detection of E.coli, coliforms & Enterococci Bacteria

Tecta-PDS’ rapid, automated, and approved microbial detection system enables any user to test any sample, anywhere, at any time.  The technology can be used as an on-site operational tool for microbiological testing, for compliance testing in the lab, or for any number of applications in between.  Any operator can simply add the sample to the test cartridge, place it in the instrument, and "press play.” Everything is fully automated from there including immediate email notification of the result to an unlimited number of recipients.

The system is in-use and accredited in many labs around the world, enabling users to take advantage of improved productivity and efficiency from automating their microbiology testing.  At the same time Tecta systems are often used directly by end operators for operational testing within wastewater & drinking water plants, even in the field, replacing their need for a lab altogether.  The entire water cycle from source water to potable water to wastewater and effluent, can be tested with remarkable ease-of-use and with results obtained in hours instead of days.  For example, treatment steps and processes can be optimized, sewage overflows can be tracked and monitored, and repaired/new water-mains can be placed in service much more quickly when using our system.  Tecta instruments are even installed and accredited within mobile laboratory vehicles offering regulatory compliant E.coli and coliforms results from the back of a moving vehicle, and therefore eliminating significant delays in receiving samples from the distribution network to a central lab.

The key objective and overall concept of the Tecta solution is to reduce the time, cost, and potential risks associated with microbiological contamination.  The team at Tecta-PDS strive to improve public health and safety by offering faster time from sample-to-result, as well as increased productivity and efficiency within the lab, and reducing the impact of potential contamination events. 

The Tecta technology is available in two models – the Tecta-B4 for remote locations with lower throughput, and the larger Tecta-B16 for lab environments. Both instruments are currently in use globally for a variety of applications.

The recently launched Tecta-B4 model is commonly in use within on-site environments for early-screening and operational testing, as well as commercial lab applications such as investigations, backup, confirmation & emergency sample testing, along with weekend and overtime situations. The Tecta-B16 is currently accredited within larger lab setups for daily compliance testing, as well as various operational applications.  

For larger municipal or commercial lab environments with higher sample throughput, the Tecta solution also offers specific advantages for niche or problematic sample types such as sludge / biosolids, or wastewater samples where the Tecta technology offers unprecedented time-to-result benefits. 

The Tecta solution is being used in 30+ countries around the world with many different users including municipalities (both large and small), health authorities, environmental agencies, bottled water manufacturers, water and waste water service providers, commercial labs, oil & gas and mining companies.

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Date Published: 13th May 2019

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