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Microgen Bioproducts makes Rotavirus Diagnosis even Faster!

Rotascreen rotavirus diagnostic
Rotascreen immunochromatographic dipsticks have been improved to offer more rapid result for the diagnosis of Rotavirus. The interpretation of the results provided by the Rotascreen dipstick has been improved through the utilisation of superior monoclonal antibodies and updated lateral flow technology, resulting in the development of clearer and more distinct test lines.
Improvements to the performance include a more rapid result with positive results which can be seen in under 5 minutes, rather 10-15 minutes. The improved interpretation and performance are complemented by the simplicity of the test as there is no need for centrifugation or filtration of the sample and the sample diluent is added dropwise to the provided sample cup.

Microgen Bioproducts programme of product assessment and continuous improvement has resulted in significant improvements to its Rotavirus immunochromatographic dipstick to offer the same benefits as the improved Rotascreen dipstick but for the simultaneous detection and diagnosis of Rotavirus and Adenovirus.

The Rotascreen dipstick is part of a range of products for the detection and diagnosis of Rotavirus and Adenovirus available from Microgen Bioproducts. The range includes a immunochromatographic dipstick, an enzyme immunoassay and a rapid latex agglutination test, allowing for a Rotavirus and Adenovirus detection system to suit any sized Virology laboratory.

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Posted: September 2, 2009
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