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September 2006 archived news list

Aquadien kit obtain the best quality dna from bacteria present in water samples
New lateral flow assay duopath legionella
Comprehensive list of human papilloma virus hpv antibodies available
Interfacing double autoclave doors separate lab areas
Versatile culture media production
Scientific laboratory supplies sls launch their new 7th edition catalogue
Sls celebrate esco safety cabinet success
Take advantage from sls
The nutrimenta kit complete portable sampling kit
Auto koch a portable table top autoclave
Join anachem for exciting product launches at silverstone racetrack
Bayer launches advia centaur xp immunoassay system
Olympus launches cost effective unit to enable confocal like imaging
Priorclaves autoclaves winning the fight against bacterial cross contamination
Digital microcentrifuge takes 24 tubes
Mini incubator breaks price barrier
Phoenix has risen the ultimate gas safety burner
Shake rock tumble or roll which is the best to achieve homogeneity
New digital powder doser for precise addition of powdery substances
Invitrogen presents effective solutions for concentration and isolation of salmonella serovars b z
Effective solutions for isolation and concentration of e coli o157
Synoptics develops new instrument for idexx laboratories
Rapid dna rna sample concentration
Bibbette banishes pipetting blues
Be in control with steriswab
New oxoid chromogenic listeria agar meets iso recommendations
Oxoid offers convenient tests for confirmation of syphilis
Clean trace repeatability study lights the way
Innogenetics moves into human papillomavirus hpv diagnostics
Vision salmonella slide agglutination sera the bakers dozen
Lab m solutions for rapid sensitive isolation of e coli o157
Lab m culture media for clostridium difficile

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