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SLS Celebrate Esco Safety Cabinet Success

The First Anniversary of the partnership between Scientific Laboratory Supplies and Bassaire, for the supply and installation of Esco Safety Cabinets in the UK, has just been celebrated with outstanding sales figures.

Where safety is concerned, the market is understandably cautious, particularly of new products in this field. This makes the acceptance and approval of the Esco cabinets into such high ranking and credible establishments as the MRC, CAMR, Royal Vet College, Covance laboratories and a whole host of leading universities, pharma companies and key research sites, speak volumes.

Esco are now the second largest cabinet manufacturer in the world and customers simply cannot ignore the incredible pricing available for cabinets, which also have some of the latest ergonomic designs and features in the marketplace. A sloped front for minimal 'glare', seamless construction with large radius corners to assist cleaning, a unique integral arm rest to prevent blocking front air grills, low noise, comfortable warm lighting and a frameless sliding sash are just some of the outstanding features.

Add in first class installation, aftercare and service capabilities through the SLS and Bassaire partnership, and it is easy to see why the cabinets are already enjoying market share beyond the first year projections.

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Posted on September 19, 2006