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Clean-Trace® Repeatability Study Lights the Way

ATP Surface Hygiene Test Clean-Trace®, the leading ATP Surface Hygiene test from Biotrace International has proved to be the most repeatable in a recent independent study carried out by Cara Technology Limited.

Repeatability, the measure of how well a test provides the same result under the same circumstances, is a vital aspect of any test's performance. It broadly indicates the level of reliability a test can provide. Clean-Trace® allows food and beverage manufacturers to objectively assess the cleanliness of a surface in seconds to allow positive release of production facilities. When placed against three competing products in the study Clean-Trace® showed itself to be the most repeatable.

Commenting on the news Colin Hunt, International Product Manager at Biotrace International said, "We are delighted that our dedicated focus on ensuring very high technical performance from the Clean-Trace® test has been recognised by this study. Our customers across the world place Clean-Trace® at the heart of their hygiene programmes and these results show they can have every confidence they have made the right decision."

Biotrace International offers a complete line of the products needed to check the safety and quality of food production processes; these include rapid pathogen, toxin and allergen kits, products for environmental and carcass sampling, dilution and enrichment and ATP testing that gives a "real time" assessment of plant sanitation.

For more information about the Clean-Trace® and the full range of Biotrace International microbiology products, please contact Biotrace using the contact details at the top of this page.

A copy of the study carried out by Cara Technology Limited can be obtained by visiting

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Source : Biotrace International plc [United Kingdom]
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Posted on September 29, 2006