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Phoenix Has Risen - the Ultimate Gas Safety Burner

Progen Scientific launches the Schuett Phoenix gas safety burner - the intelligent and flexible laboratory burner with digital technology.

This controllable gas safety burner is designed for use in microbiological safety cabinets, on the laboratory bench or for portable use in the field.

The compact, stainless steel electronic burner is supplied with a stainless steel foot-switch and can be used with a variety of gas sources including natural gas supply, bottled butane/propane or gas cartridges. The Phoenix has three novel and safety focused modes of operation.

The first mode is via the adjustable IR sensor control, where the sensor distance can be set so that the burner is activated by a hand movement in front of the display, as well as the adjustable preset time after which the flame automatically stops The second mode is via the foot-switch where gas supply and electronic ignition are activated by a foot switch.

The foot switch can be set to operate with constant pressure applied or by a one push on one push off function. The final mode is manual control using the air/gas control knob.
Additional features of the Phoenix include:

  • Tilting function to allow for bottle neck flaming.
  • Auto re-ignite with gas cut out after ten seconds of failed reignition.
  • Gas saving feature.
  • Ergonomic controls for adjusting gas control and burn time.
  • Availability of additional accessories including flame shield, splutter guard and inoculating.
  • Option to link with the Flammy R flame sterilisation carousel which holds 6 inoculating loops and automatically moves the next loop over the flame when the previously flamed loop is removed or a new loop installed

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Posted on September 18, 2006