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Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) Launch their New 7th Edition Catalogue

Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) have launched their new 7th edition catalogue, which contains 20,000 products from over 250 leading brand manufacturers. With over 5,500 new products gracing the pages, SLS have identified some of the very latest and innovative products to help you with your protocols.

As one of the largest laboratory suppliers in the UK, the concept behind the catalogue is one of offering choice without overkill and to keep the catalogue a manageable size. Furthermore, SLS have the ability to expand on these catalogue lines and procure additional brands of products that may be required to fulfil an order.

Although more people are now using on-line catalogues, a vast majority of people require a paper-based catalogue for a whole host of reasons. Ever mindful of environmental issues, SLS invested heavily in new in-house publication hardware and software, to aid the production of this latest catalogue. The brief was to maximise the use of the pages and reduce the amount of unnecessary white space, which can often be quite prominent in scientific catalogues. Through careful planning, the net result was a catalogue that contained nearly 2,000 more products than its predecessor, whilst being a staggering 80 pages less in volume! Over the whole print run, that equated to a saving of 1,760,000 pages or 1760 reams of paper, which is a tremendous reduction in waste paper by anyone's standards.

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Posted on September 18, 2006