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Synoptics Develops New Instrument for IDEXX Laboratories

Synoptics, a world leader in the development and manufacture of innovative digital imaging systems for life science applications, is pleased to announce it has developed the Quanti-Disc™ reader, a new automated fluorescence plate reading system, designed to help rapidly assess water quality, for major microbiological testing company, IDEXX Laboratories.

Synoptics has built on its expertise of developing industry leading Synbiosis automated colony counters to produce the Quanti-Disc reader, which will be marketed exclusively by IDEXX Laboratories. The reader automatically detects and reads fluorescence from the 50 wells of a Quanti-Disc in less than 10 seconds, making performing total viable counts with Quanti-Disc even quicker and simpler than traditional agar plating methods.

Adam Potter, Associate Product Manager at IDEXX Laboratories stated: "Since we launched Quanti-Disc last year, customers have said they would like to automate reading the fluorescence in each well. Synoptics is known as a leader in the industry with the Synbiosis colony counters, which is why we approached Synoptics to be our partner in this exciting project."

"The Quanti-Disc Reader can accurately and objectively read 100 Quanti-Disc plates in just 15 minutes. This is less than half the time it takes most microbiologists to read the plates manually, and will be an excellent time saving addition for Quanti-Disc users," Potter continued.

Phil Atkin, Managing Director of Synoptics said: "At Synoptics we have over 20 years' experience in producing high quality imaging solutions. We were delighted when we were approached because we enjoy the challenge of developing innovative life science imagers around the specific requirements of industry-leading customers such as IDEXX Laboratories. The resulting Quanti-Disc reader is a system we are very proud of and will, we believe, improve the utility of what was already an innovative, time saving product."

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Posted on September 5, 2006