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Aquadien™ Kit - Obtain the Best Quality DNA from Bacteria Present in Water Samples

Aquadien Bacterial DNA in Water

For the highest quality of purified DNA and PCR sensitivity for pathogen detection - by optimizing DNA extraction yield.

The Aquadien kit provides all the reagents needed for optimal, easy-to-perform DNA extraction for real-time PCR analysis of numerous waterborne pathogens or other bacteria strains (see the list of strains tested below).

The kit can be combined with every detection method for bacteria pathogens based on nucleic acid analysis and provides increased sensitivity.

The Aquadien system consists of bacteria alkaline lysis with heat shock followed by DNA purification using ultrafiltration.
With this technology, no DNA chemical treatment is performed.

This method thus provides high, constant DNA purification yield (close to 80 - 100%) from 103 to 105 bacteria concentrations for DNA extraction & purification from water samples.

A four-step protocol:

  • Pathogen concentrations from water samples by membrane filtration
  • Bacteria lysis by heat shock
  • DNA purification using ultrafiltration
  • DNA elution followed by real-time PCR analysis

Quick guides for standard procedures and dirty sample procedures are available.

The Aquadien kit has been tested by customers from Hospital Hygiene for DNA purification of numerous strains, including: Legionella spp., Legionella pneumophila, Salmonella spp., Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterobacter cloacae, Morganella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa from water samples (sanitary or cooling tower water) for environmental controls.

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Source : Bio-Rad Laboratories, S.A. View Company Information

Posted on September 7, 2006