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Microbiology News: 2015 » January

3M Molecular Detection Assays Receive Official Methods Approval

3M Listeria Testing Kit 3M Molecular Detection Assays, Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria species, have been approved for First Action Official Method of Analysis distinction by AOAC INTERNATIONAL
Posted: 2015-01-30

USDA Approval of VetScan FeLV/FIV Feline Rapid Test

USDA approves Abaxis VetScan FeLV-FIV Rapid Test Kit for the detection of FeLV antigen and FIV antibodies from feline blood samples.
Posted: 2015-01-27

FDA Clearance for Roche cobas® MRSA/SA

cobas® MRSA/SA test detects MRSA and methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus simulataneously directly from nasal specimens.
Posted: 2015-01-27

FSIS Standards to Reduce Campylobacter and Salmonella in Poultry

Routine sampling throughout the year rather than infrequently sampling on consecutive days is the basis of FSIS's plan to reduce incidence of Salmonella and Campylobacter in poultry products.
Posted: 2015-01-27

New Salmonella Serotype Confirmed - Salmonella Lubbock

New salmonella serotype discovered in cattle is Salmonella Lubbock, researchers believe 20 - 30% of current strains, Salmonella Montevideo and Salmonella Mbandaka may be reclassified as Salmonella Lubbock.
Posted: 2015-01-27

Update on Antibiotic Sensitivity Webinars by CLSI and APHL

Highlights for 2015 include introduction of the Carba NP test for carbapenemases and expanded recommendations for quality control testing.
Posted: 2015-01-27

Easy-to-Use Rapid Salmonella Environmental Monitoring Test

Hygiena InSite Salmonella is a self-contained, ready-to-use swab test which contains a specialized liquid medium that changes color when Salmonella species are present, positive results in 24 hr.
Posted: 2015-01-26

Priorclave Features Top Loading Autoclaves at Arab Health

Priorclave Priorclave’s top loading laboratory autoclave range includes a compact 60 litre autoclave is specially for labs with limited space but want to autoclave taller items.
Posted: 2015-01-26

bioMérieux Acquires Ceeram

CEERAM molecular virus detection kits (ceeramTools®) will expand bioMérieux’s food testing solutions portfolio.
Posted: 2015-01-26

FDA Approval for Detection and Identification Assay for HIV, HCV and HBV in Blood

The Roche cobas TaqScreen MPX Test, v2.0 offers enhanced sensitivity and workflow advantages being able to detect and identify HIV, HCV and HBV in donated blood and blood components, FDA approved.
Posted: 2015-01-23

Xpress System Gets AOAC-PTM for 'Big 6' STEC

Xpress System from Crystal Diagnostics detects the 'Big 6' non-O157 Shiga toxigenic E.coli as a AOAC Performance Tested Method - serogroups O26, O45, O1O3, O111, O121, and O145.
Posted: 2015-01-22

AES Water Solutions to Use RAPID-B for Oil and Gas Microbiology

The RAPID-B system is being used for microbial assessment of oil and gas operations to monitor bacteria in pond, frac, and flow back water.
Posted: 2015-01-20

Puritan Liquid Amies Compatible with Copan's WASP® Micro Lab Automation

Puritan A comparative study has demonstrated parity of diagnostic performance between Puritan’s Liquid Amies and Copan’s ESwab when used in the WASP, making Puritan a viable and cost-effective alternative.
Posted: 2015-01-20

Confident in Your Disinfectant? Confirm with TSC New Simplified Sponge System

All-in-one sponge and stomacher bag Food safe pre-moistened blue sponge, ideal for sampling larger surface areas and critical environments. Sponge sampling kit with neutralising buffer, can go straight from sampling to stomacher.
Posted: 2015-01-20

Compact Dry™ - Simple, Ready to Use Plating System

Compact Dry Ready to Use plates Video demos how to use Compact Dry, an easy, ready to use plating system for total counts, coliforms, E.coli, Staph aureus and Yeast and Mold testing in foods, beverages and raw materials.
Posted: 2015-01-19

Walk-away Colony Counts With Identification on Chromogenic Plates

Colony Counts and ID on Chromogenic media Walk-away automated colony counting and identification on chromogenic media, accurate, objective and fully traceable results - stored data can be reviewed anywhere, anytime.
Posted: 2015-01-19

Detecting Salmonella enterica in Poultry

Salmonella enterica detection assays from Roka Bioscience uses the Atlas System that automates all stages of molecular diagnostic testing on a single, integrated platform.
Posted: 2015-01-19

Biorex Diagnostics Launches Food Safety Sister Company - Biorex Food Diagnostics

Biorex Food Diagnostics offer a wide range of ELISAs for the rapid detection of microbial and industrial contaminants, natural toxins, hormones, antibiotics and other veterinary drug residues in food and feed.
Posted: 2015-01-15

Report - Clinical Microbiology Market Grows 13.03% to 2019

Clinical microbiology market report shows most growth to 2019 will be in automated instrumentation, respiratory disease and the Asian region.
Posted: 2015-01-13

NEW Celsis Advance II Enhances QC and Reduces Manufacturing Cycle Times

Celsis The new Celsis Advance II™ system helps Home, Beauty and Pharmaceutical product manufacturers enhance quality assurance while reducing manufacturing cycle times and inventory requirements
Posted: 2015-01-13

bioMérieux Distributes COPAN’s WASP® and WASPLab™ Automated Systems

Full Microbiology Lab Automation COPAN's WASP® Walk-Away Specimen Processor and the WASPLab™ solutions automate microbiology laboratory tasks and provide digital imaging and analysis, now distributed by bioMérieux.
Posted: 2015-01-09

NEW! InnovaPrep Large Volume Concentration (LVC) Kit

The InnovaPrep LVC is a new kit that allows concentration of bacteria and viruses from large liquid volumes (up to 20+ liters) very rapidly using existing head pressure or with the use of a basic pump.
Posted: 2015-01-08

3M Food Safety Launches 24-Hour Aerobic Bacteria Indicator Test

3M Petrifilm 3M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid Aerobic Count Plate is the next generation of its trusted, accurate and easy test that can give aerobic bacteria counts in just 24 hours for most food matrices.
Posted: 2015-01-07

New Autoclaves Feature Enhanced Safety, Space Savings, and Serviceability

Consolidated Sterilizer Systems have released of two new laboratory autoclaves in the EZ-Glide™ Vertical Sliding Door Autoclave series
Posted: 2015-01-07

New NCIMB Video Demonstrates Ampoule Opening

NCIMB A new NCIMB video demonstrates how to open and use reference cultures supplied in glass ampoules.
Posted: 2015-01-07

FDA Clearance and CLIA Waiver for Strep A FIA

Sofia Strep A+ Fluorescent Immunoassay (FIA) uses advanced immunofluorescence-based lateral-flow technology to detect Group A Streptococcal antigens from throat swabs.
Posted: 2015-01-05

First 15 Minute Quantitative Screening for Aflatoxin M1

Charm’s MRLAFMQ lateral flow test detects aflatoxin M1 in only 15 minutes.
Posted: 2015-01-05

COPAN Release a Series of Free Educational Videos

Copan COPAN have launched the first in a series of free educational videos, as part of COPAN’s ongoing commitment to demonstrate best practices for specimen collection. See first video in the series featuring nasopharyngeal swab specimen collection.
Posted: 2015-01-05

Serial Dilution System for Total Viable Counts

inLabTec Inlabtec Serial Dilution System is faster and up to ten times less expensive than serial dilutions using test tubes - achieve the perfect dilution every time.
Posted: 2015-01-05

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