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8th January 2015  Content supplied by: Innovaprep

NEW! InnovaPrep Large Volume Concentration (LVC) Kit

The InnovaPrep LVC is a new kit that allows concentration of bacteria and viruses from large liquid volumes (up to 20+ liters) very rapidly using existing head pressure or with the use of a basic pump, no other device is needed. Even turbid waters can be easily processed.

The kit works much like InnovaPrep’s automated concentration instruments which use membrane filtration and a patented wet foam elution technology to rapidly concentrate microorganisms into a small final volume (~50 mL) for rapid detection. The kit was developed to meet the needs of researchers at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP) for a recent beach water epidemiology study.

The one-pass method improves limit of detection exponentially, enabling detection at previously undetectable levels. Nowhere is this more important than for the preparation of biological samples for trace analysis. For more information:

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Date Published: 8th January 2015

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