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13th February 2024  Content supplied by: IUL S.A.

Masticator SWAP, Paddle Blender for Effective Sample Homogenization

Explore enhanced homogenization with IUL’s latest paddle blender, the Masticator SWAP:


  1. Interchangeable Paddles: Handle diverse sample types easily to ensure precise homogenization in every blend.
  2. Dim Luminous Warning: Multitask with confidence with the dim light during homogenization and the flashing light signaling the cycle completion.
  3. Controlled blending time: From 15 seconds to continuous homogenization, set your preparation as it better fits your lab.
  4. Improved sample visualization: The wider glass window in the market for an enhanced view of the sample homogenization.
  5. Easy Cleaning: Facilitate maintenance by easily removing the paddles and cleaning the inner compartment.


Upgrade your lab efficiency with Masticator SWAP – the adaptable and efficient solution that ensures a smooth workflow.

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Date Published: 13th February 2024

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