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Cubis® II & Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Premium Lab Balances

With completely configurable hardware, software, and connectivity, Cubis® II and Cubis® II High-Resolution offer a high-performance balance that will align with your unique demands and compliance requirements. All modules of the Cubis® II balance were designed to guarantee a higher degree of repeatability for different workflows while

Milliflex® Quantum Rapid Detection System

The Milliflex® Quantum System is a rapid fluorescent-based technology designed for fast quantitative detection of microorganisms over a broad range of filterable matrices. This easy-to-use and simple system uses industry-standard membrane filtration techniques to detect viable and culturable microorganisms down to 1 CFU per sample. Test results are also

Spin Air - Air sampler

Spin Air provides users a compact, portable, simple solution to air sampling.  The Spin technology enables to outperform the collection efficiency, with a biological efficiency reaching 98%, higher than other brands model. Pharmaceutical, medical device, food, and cosmetic manufacturers, as well as healthcare facilities all, benefit from the

SphereFlash®- Automatic Colony Counter and Zone Reader

The SphereFlash® is IUL's automatic colony counter and Zone Reader that accurately counts, pour, drop, spread and spiral plates on any media in two seconds. Designed to use the smallest area on the bench for facing the challenges of a modern laboratory. This device avoids the traditional

Smart Diluter W - Gravimetric Diluter

The Smart Dilutor W is IUL's solution for labs seeking full processing capacity and traceability in gravimetric dilutions or liquid dispensing. This device ensures precision, rapidity, sample handling sterility, and detailed tracking of procedures. It's precise weigh cell and powerful peristaltic pumps provide optimized gravimetric dilutions/ liquid dispensing to

Eddy Jet 2W - Spiral Plater

Eddy Jet 2W is IUL's spiral plater that performs, in a reliable and accurate way, different types of spiral and lawn inoculations reducing cost per test, hand on time, and consumable use during bacterial enumeration. Its patented disposable microsyringes confer a unique, cross-contamination free technology, making Eddy Jet 2W a

New WASP Touch Spiral Plater - Consistent, Trackable Plate Counts

WASP Touch is a new spiral plater, designed for the needs of modern microbiology laboratories. This is a fundamentally different plater with no need for a separate vacuum source. The system is extremely simple to use and provides real cost savings and process improvements. The Automated Intelligent Monitoring Software (AIMS)

Inlabtec Serial Dilution System for Total Counts

Automate your microbiology serial dilution process and replace glass tubes with convenient single-use sterile bags.

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