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SphereFlash®- Automatic Colony Counter and Zone Reader

Automatic colony counter to accurately count plates on any media in 2 seconds

Principle: Automatic Colony Counter

Automation: Yes

Approvals: CFR21 Part 11 (PRO Version)

Suitability: Pharmaceutical industries, medical and veterinary industries, food industries, cosmetic industries, microbiology laboratories, etc.

Capital equipment required: No


The SphereFlash® is IUL's automatic colony counter and Zone Reader that accurately counts, pour, drop, spread and spiral plates on any media in two seconds.

Designed to use the smallest area on the bench for facing the challenges of a modern laboratory.

This device avoids the traditional manual method for counting colonies which can be subjective, tedious, and time-consuming. Compatible with SphereFlash® AI Colony Counting Software.

Key Points:
  • Utmost Accuracy: Consistent and reliable results
  • A single device for all types of plates:  adapters and centering device available.
  • Designed for 100 mm, 90 mm, 60 mm (RODAC plates), membrane filter plates, 3M Petrifilm™, Compact Dry™ and MC-Media Pad® plates.
  • High resolution: Detect CFU up to 0.046 mm (Colonies Pro Software)
  • Optional software upgrades
  • Audit Trail: 21 CFR Part 11-compliant


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