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20th February 2024  Content supplied by: IUL S.A.

SphereFlash® AI Colony Counting Software: Transforming Colony Counting with a Single Click

SphereFlash® AI Colony Counting software is designed to achieve colony counts with exceptional accuracy, requiring only a single click. Simply upload the picture of the plate captured by your colony counter and let it perform the counting.

1. Fast and Accurate Results
The software ensures reproducible results, providing a reliable and accurate colony count. Upload the image and get the result in just 2 seconds - counting colonies has never been faster.

2. Handle Challenging Plates
Thanks to advanced Artificial Intelligence, SphereFlash® AI ensures that every count is conducted with the highest level of accuracy, providing reliable data for your projects.

3. Universal Compatibility: Process images captured by most colony counters
Upload a picture of your Petri dish, and it will process it regardless of the colony counter it’s been captured with. Ensure a consistent image acquisition, clear and free of reflections and shadows. Combine the most accurate counting with the best image capture using the SphereFlash® Colony Counter.

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How to Get Started:
Curious about its capabilities?
Activate your free trial of 100 images and experience AI-powered colony counting by visiting our website www.aicolonycounting.com.

Do you need a tailored OEM project? We will be pleased to develop a custom-made solution for you. Contact IUL S.A. by using the Request Information button below.

Welcome to a more straightforward way of counting colonies. Welcome to SphereFlash® AI Colony Counting Software.

Activate Your Free 100-image Trial.

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Date Published: 20th February 2024

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