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Red One™ Rapid quality indicator for tap and bottled waters

Redberry's Red One™ is an automated platform for rapid and quantitative microbiology detection. The real-time fluorescence analysis enables a very reliable differentiation of targeted viable cells from inert particles. Filtration, staining, and analysis are fully automated. Two solutions are available on this platform for testing your drinking waters:

R-CARD® Total Count (SPC)

Unlike most Total Plate Count media on the market, R-CARD® rapid tests require almost no additional equipment and offer an extremely easy user experience. Simply lift the R-CARD® Total Count clear film and deposit 1 mL of your liquid sample on the card. Then release the clear film so

Water Sampling Containers Dosed and Un-Dosed

New and improved water sampling containers for routine microbiological testing of potable [drinking] water samples. 500ml and 1000ml sizes available, dosed or un-dosed with sodium thiosulphate for chlorine neutralisation. Both containers can be used for a range of functions such as sampling within leisure swimming pools, endoscopy rinse waters, renal