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Red One™ Rapid quality indicator for tap and bottled waters

Red One quality indicators for tap and bottled waters

Principle: Based on the new generation of solid phase cytometry technology, Red One™ detects viable cells by using advanced image processing techniques to track and analyze the assimilation of staining agents by the targeted cells.

Automation: Yes

Suitability: Drinking water producer: tap & bottled waters

Capital equipment required: Yes


Redberry's Red One™ is an automated platform for rapid and quantitative microbiology detection.

The real-time fluorescence analysis enables a very reliable differentiation of targeted viable cells from inert particles. Filtration, staining, and analysis are fully automated.

Two solutions are available on this platform for testing your drinking waters:

  • Direct Viable Count (DVC): a real-time water quality indicator for microbial load
    • Total flora (viable cells) counted in 10 minutes – from 1mL to 100mL
    • Already commercialized with proven performance (Eau de Paris, Veolia …)
  • ColiRed: a drinking water quality indicator
    • Same-day result quantitative E. coli-specific detection (Time-to-Result < 6h)
    • Orders now possible/ Delivery early 2023

Key Points:
  • Easy: No calibration. Ready-to-use. Drop the sample on the cap and close the drawer.
  • Precise: Direct counting of cells for 1mL to 100mL of filtered volume
  • Rapid: 10 minutes for total flora / Same-day for E. coli quantification


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