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TSC Swab Sampling Kits - for those Hard to Reach Places

Technical Service Consultants (TSC) Swab Sampling Kits (aka Swab Rinse Kits) are all in one sampling kits, designed to assist food operators comply with EU regulation no. 2073/2005 criteria for food safety and process hygiene, where routine microbiological testing and general hygiene monitoring of equipment and surfaces can be used as an integral part of a food safety system including HACCP, to validate and verify food safety procedures.

The peel pouch kit includes a 15cm (6inch) swab shaft ideal for reaching into awkward areas with a choice of polyester or viscose tips and a sealed transport tube containing neutralising buffer, formulated as described in ISO 18593:2004, ideal for sampling equipment or surfaces where traces of disinfectants are possible.

The 15cm swab is perfect for quick and effortless sampling of utensils, slicers, dicers, hoppers, mixers, conveyors, floors and other exposed surfaces and equipment for the recovery of TVC, gram positives (Listeria, S.aureus) and Enterobacteriaceae (Salmonellae and E.coli) and other organisms.

Benefits include:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy reach swab
  • Blue shafts available
  • Tamper evident seals
  • Fits swab racks easily
  • Polyester and viscose tip options
  • Choice of buffers and precisely filled

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Date Published: 27th May 2013

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