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11th February 2020  Content supplied by: Technical Service Consultants Ltd

Not Just Any Sponge on a Stick!

Technical Service Consultants Ltd [TSC] have recently introduced a new and improved version of the EnviroStik which enables ease of use by the end-user as well as at the laboratory stage

Envirostik offers end-users an ‘all in one’ ideal monitoring solution that is a convenient and reliable way to confirm the presence of living microorganisms on any critical surfaces, making it an ideal tool for hygiene sampling and environmental monitoring.

The new design increases usability allowing concealed or awkward spaces to be easily monitored beyond just the top surface with improved control and precision.

Touching or contaminating the sample is virtually impossible as the breakpoint handle allows quick removal eliminating accidental contamination and maintaining accurate counts

Product Features

  • New design allows trouble-free stomaching
  • Pre-moist neutralizing buffer sponge matrix offers enhanced sample collection and release
  • Re-sealable stomacher bag for sample integrity and easy processing
  • Large white writing panel to record sampling details
  • EnviroStik reduces errors and contamination risk
  • True Sample counts for accurate results and assured product release
  • Stomachable and Biocide Free sponge
  • Easy Break Handle within the sponge with no sharp edges
  • Shelf life 12 months
  • Sterilization by gamma irradiation
  • Pack size 125 sponges per pack
  • Product available with TSC unique neutralizing buffer product TS/15-SH
  • Product TS/15-SA is dosed with Saline solution which is ideal for direct food contact or carcasses

Sampling Areas and Applications

  • Perfect for sampling larger surfaces in a wide and varied range of environments including food production areas, clinical and veterinary infection control and pharmaceutical and cosmetics facilities
  • Envirostik dosed with TSC unique neutralizing buffer is recommended for food surfaces where disinfectants and sanitizers are used and also for production equipment and surrounding areas
  • Exposes potential microorganism contamination removing chemical residues while preserving the sample for analysis
  • Perfect for transporting samples for external processing
  • Envirostiks protect your brand preventing costly recalls

Ideal For easier handling and sampling of organisms from awkward areas including TVC, Listeria spp. Staphylococci, Enterbacteriaceae e.g. Salmonella, E Coli, Enterobacter, Staphylococcus, Klebsiella, E Coli Enterbacter, Enterobacter Sakazakii

For further information please refer to the TSC website www.tscswabs.co.uk or send your inquiry to sales@tscswabs.co.uk

Dependent upon volumes other solutions can also be considered.

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Date Published: 11th February 2020

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